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Is Your Business Suffering due to Coronavirus? : Claiming the Self- Employment Income Support Grant

Self Employed Businessman in despair due to Coronavirus. Claiming Self Employment Income Support Scheme Grant with the help of Simply Accounts Online www.simplyaccountsonline.co.uk
  • The Self-Employment Income Support Scheme Grant can be claimed from this Monday, the 17th August 2020 so make sure you are ready to claim. The closing date for claims is the 19th October 2020.

  • The claims procedure will be the same as the first grant.

  • The amount of the grant reduces from 80% to 70% of average monthly profits and is capped at £6570.

  • Your business must have been adversely affected on or after 14 July 2020.

  • You will need to keep a record of evidence of how your business has been adversely affected.


What Does Adversely Affected Mean?

Restrictions on trading:

· Government orders have meant that your trade or industry had to close or to be restricted in such a way that your trade closed or is otherwise adversely affected.

· You cannot organise your work or workplace to allow your staff to work safely.

· You cannot serve customers due to social distancing.

· Restrictions have affected your customers or staff.

· Your supply chain is interrupted due to shortages of product, PPE etc.

· One or more of your contracts have been cancelled.

· You have fewer or no customers or clients.

Restrictions on you personally:

· You have been ill or self-isolating or shielding.

· You have had to care for others and this disrupted your work.

Examples given by HMRC here: www.gov.uk/guidance/how-different-circumstances-affect-the-self-employment-income-support-scheme#adversely-affected-examples


In simple terms if your Self-Employed Business has not been able to make as much money as normal from July 14th onwards because of Coronavirus you should be entitled to this Grant.


How to Claim?

Search GOV.UK for ‘Self-Employment Income Support Scheme’. Claiming online is the quickest and easiest way to get your grant.

Like the first grant, you'll need the following to confirm your eligibility and make your claim:

  1. National Insurance number – if you don’t know this, go to the HMRC app, your online tax account or ask us.

  2. Self-Assessment Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR) number – you can find this on your Self-Assessment papers or from us.

  3. Government Gateway user ID and password – if you don’t have an account, or have forgotten your details, follow the instructions on GOV.UK by searching for the ‘self-employment income support scheme’. Please check your contact details are correct in your Government Gateway account.

  4. Your bank account number and sort code. For a building society account, please include the roll number if you have one.

They will also ask for the address your bank or building society account is registered to. Please note this is your address, most likely your home or business premises – not the address of your bank or building society.

They will use the information you have provided in your previous tax returns to calculate the grant you’re entitled to.

Once you have completed your claim and they have verified it, they will pay the money directly into your bank account within six working days.

We cannot make the claim on your behalf but if you are unsure that you meet the criteria or need any help or advice then please contact us.

We have contacted all of our clients who are potentially eligible for this Grant.

Being eligible for the first Grant does not automatically make you eligible for this one, so please carefully ensure you fit the criteria.

Call Us: 01704365220 or Email: nigel@simplyaccountsonline.co.uk

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