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Has Your Business had to Close due to Lockdown? - Lockdown Grant is Available

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

New grants worth up to £3000 per Month

Available to businesses required to close due to lockdowns or targeted restrictions.

The new grants come as the government locks down more and more areas which have seen localised spikes in coronavirus and new rules on gatherings of over six people.

This means the effected businesses in England will be able to claim up to £3000 per month per property, while smaller businesses can claim £1,300 per month.

Announcing the news in Parliament, chief secretary to the Treasury Steve Barclay said: “These grants provide businesses with a safety net as they temporarily close their doors to help save lives in their local areas.”

The scheme is basing the size of the business on the rateable value of its premises.

A business classed as small with a rateable value less than £15000 would receive £1,300.

Any business that has a rateable value between £15000 & £51,000 will receive £2000 per month.

Larger businesses with a rateable value above £51000 will be able to claim £3000 pre month.

Like the other grants, these payments will also be treated as taxable income.

The scheme is designed to support businesses that have closed at both a local and national level.

How do I know if I am eligible for this Grant? - If your area has been put into lockdown and you have to close your premises then contact your local authority.

The local authorities will distribute grants to businesses, and they will also have authority to implement further eligibility criteria.

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